[Lacuna] Falconer Chronicles, Part 2

April 3, 2008

The following AP was originally posted on www.storygames.com under the thread “Lacuna: Falconer Chronicles”.
In game three, Falconer began the game after a mission had ended. He went to meet Purcell in Blue City, a place she called The Blue City Falls. Falconer had entered an old and pitted stone building and climbed the rotting stairs to the 14th floor. Exiting an open window and creeping along the ledge, he heard a thunderous roar, not unlike Niagara Falls, but somehow different. He came around the corner of the building to find that the eastern side of building was “the falls”. He saw hundreds of people falling from somewhere above the building and down the side right in front of him. The people sometimes winked out of existence in mid fall and sometimes continued down into the maw in the street below, disappearing into the darkness. Purcell explained that The Company believes that if you dream that you are falling, this is the place where you fall. Falconer asked what happened if you didn’t wake up. Purcell told him, “Well, we think you die.”(The player was really intrigued by this concept and made a point of not making eye contact with anyone falling after he locked eyes with an old lady before she winked out. I decided this has to be a regular meeting place for the two conspirators)

After talking about the box they’d been sent to retrieve from a recurring personality and what could be in it, Purcell admitted that she’s not sure if she can keep this up. Falconer reminded her that they have to work hard and work their way up in the ranks to be able to get enough information on what’s really going on. The two leave The Falls when Draper reaches them on a comm. link. They find a landline and eject from Blue City.

Falconer awakes on the slab with the box in his hand. His mentor takes him back to her office and asks for the box. He hands it over, and she turns it towards her and opens it. Whatever is inside glows blue and she looks slightly amazed by it. Falconer asks his mentor what is inside the box and she explains that it’s a piece of Blue City. Shocked, Falconer asks if this is a wise thing to do. His mentor assures him that they believe strongly that such a small piece of Blue City should not affect the whole and it would give them an opportunity to study it further in the real world.

She then changes the subject to Purcell. She asks Falconer how she is performing and express concern. She reveals that not only is she the youngest Mystery Agent, Purcell is the daughter of one of the original test subjects. With a hint of sorrow, his mentor further reveals that Purcell’s father died on the slab, and she’s concerned that Purcell could be under a great deal of stress and asks Falconer to keep an eye on her and report back if she is at risk. Falconer agreed to watch her.

(After seeing how the player took to the spying, I decided to push him into a double agent role. He smiles when he realized his mentor was asking him to spy on Purcell and even called his mentor on it. She advised him this was unofficial and that she was merely concerned.)


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